Conferences and Collaborations

1. The Poverty Colloquium: 21st July 2011, CSBD, BLSA & the Faculty of Management, Economic & Financial Services, University of Johannesburg.
2. The Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI) National Conference: 24 - 26 July 2011, NH The Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West.
3. The International Career Guidance Conference: 19 - 21 October 2011, Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town, using six Scribes for six concurrent sessions.
We were sub contracted by Conference Systems Gauteng’s Ms Robyn Mulligan for the following:  
4. The Department of Arts & Culture: Second Joint Organising Committee of the South African French Reciprocal Seasons”: 5 – 8 March 2012, Pretoria.  
5. The Social Cohesion Summit held in Kliptown, Soweto 5-6 July 2012 – using five Scribes for five concurrent sessions.
6. Gauteng Vision 2055 from June – August 2012: Rotating eight Scribes for a number of intensive events. 

Our greatest experiences and lessons:

• The International Career Guidance Conference was our first event that needed more than four scribes; six were needed for six concurrent sessions at a very short notice and we delivered.  
• The South African French Reciprocal Seasons was our most challenging thus far needing four scribes, a project manager and transcriptionists. We produced a summary of minutes before the start of business each day of the various sub-committee proceedings. The final product was a report of all four days and verbatim transcriptions.  We worked in collaboration with Conference Systems Gauteng who delivered the professional audio recordings.
• Gauteng Vision 2055 needed an additional service. The Client needed some information to be populated on a website. This meant an additional service provider.  The service provider, Dudi Lombard of Blueorbs, developed an Access database and a website and trained our eight scribes. The scribes had to deliver a report, extract relevant information from the reports, typed them into the Access database and exported the information to the website. This involved lots of discussions and many, many late night Skype sessions.  This experience enriched our skills and we are grateful to all involved. 
We enjoy great working collaborations with our partners and clients. Try us, you will see, and “remember to book a scribe when you plan your next event” or speak to us about transcribing your audio files.  
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