Vision & Mission


JLP Consultants is the preferred professional and leading services provider for rapporteuring, scribing and transcriptions services in South Africa.


JLP Consultants fills the gap in the South African market as professional rapporteurs, scribes and transcriptionists for local and international conferences, meetings, seminars, indabas, panel discussions, dialogues, strategic planning and evaluation processors and board meetings.  Our target market is Government Departments and Institutions, Corporates, International Institutions, Educational Institutions and Local and International Non-Governmental Organisations. Our approach is professional and we are committed to deliver quality services.


 We are committed to Professionalism, Integrity and Appreciation for the clients and service providers we engage with. 

Thank you! Dankie!  Enkosi!  Ngiyathokoza! Ke a leboha!  Ke a leboga! Ke a leboha!   Siyabonga! Inkomu! Ndo livhuwa! Ngiyabonga!

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