Josephine Philemon, JLP Consultants Director, has over 22 years experience in social development, 15 years as a social development project manager, 10 years as the director of two different Non Governmental Organisations. She is also an experienced facilitator and trainer of trainers.

JLP Consultants have 10 Scribes in Gauteng and 6 Scribes in Cape Town.

Conference Rapporteuring, Transcription & Editing Services

Scribing is the activity of taking down the proceedings of an event and formulating a report.  It is an accurate, neutral and readable record that captures the event.

 JLP Consultants scribe for local and international conferences and diverse meetings and events. We provide scribes for your commission sessions and the main conference. No meeting or event is too big or too small.

Transcriptions Services: We transcribe audio files of conferences, panel discussions, meetings, interviews, disciplinary hearings and focus groups; that is all general and legal transcriptions. We have special rates for Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Community Based Organisations (CBOs).

Please call us to discuss your needs.

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