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Definition of a Scribe: “A person designated to record and compile reports”

Why hire an external conference scribe?

  • To facilitate service delivery and work beyond conference talk shops;
  • To facilitate outcomes and delivery – the conference events are still fresh and on delegates minds and therefore work allocated to conference delegates has a better chance of being addressed;
  • To hold people accountable;
  • It is a guarantee that the conference report will be completed within a specific time frame as agreed to with the conference organizers and therefore outcomes will be implemented;
  • It is difficult for those who have a vested interest in the event to take notes if they want to take part in the discussion;
  • Office staff often finds an overflowing desk on their return to work and the conference report is the last business on their minds; 
  • Lots of valuable information is lost when the report is left until three to six months after the event and it is difficult to deliver an accurate and credible account of the event when chunks of information are missing and when important business needs to be accounted for;
  • To hold people accountable;
  • It is money well spent.
 JLP Consultants is a member of the Southern African Association for the Conference Industry, SAACI

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